What Yoga Mat is for You?

A question I get 1,000 times over is, “what yoga mat should I buy?” The answer can be very simple and also very complicated: it depends. I’ve used many a yoga mat in my day and there are some awesome brands out there with a lot to offer. I have three favorite brands and each of them are good for different needs. I suggest you practice on a mat you don’t love for at least 2 full flows to get a feel for what exactly you want in your yoga mat. 

Side note: I do believe in investing in your yoga mat. Although there are cheaper brands out there I have found that they have to be replaced more often and can cause frustration while practicing due to sliding on the floor and curling up in the corners. Traditionally in yoga all you need is a blanket and an open mind but when practicing modern day yoga in a studio a good mat can be the perfect asset to your practice. I spend a little less than $100 on my mats but typically keep them for 2-3 years, in some instances even more.


#1 Want: Extra Padding

My recommendation: manduka.

This is a mat that so many of my yoga teacher friends use and swear by. They have many types of mats including non-stick and travel size but I have found that for someone who likes a little extra padding, these mats have the perfect amount of thickness. Out of all of the mats we will list today I think these last the longest. Their downside: I’ve found they aren’t super great for people who have especially sweaty hands and feet, even their non-stick mats don’t have enough non-slip power for me.


#2 Want: Eco-Friendly & Slip Resistent

Me recommendation: Jade Yoga.

This was the first yoga mat I fell in love with. Made sustainably with natural rubber, these mats contain no synthetic rubber. The company also plants a tree for every yoga mat sold. This mat is perfect for sweaty yogis alike, giving you a great grip when your practice gets tough. Their downside, although they do give you a thickness choice I still feel their padding isn’t as comfortable as others.


#3 Want: Hot Yoga Help

My recommendation: lululemon.

This mat has two sides: one for hot yoga classes and one for regular flows, although no matter what type of practice I am doing I use the hot yoga side. The softer side is more cushioned and nurturing. The hot yoga side is the most slip-resistant I’ve ever tried. Their downside, a smell of rubber is strong when you first purchase the mat but it goes away as time goes on.


Happy mat browsing!



Photo: Jade Yoga