Sunday Forgiveness

Yesterday I participated in Deepak Chopra’s Global Meditation for Compassion. It was excellent. Deepak spoke about compassion for yourself, compassion for your loved ones, and giving yourself the gift of finding inner peace. I felt so great after participating in the meditation although I could only attend half of it because I had to teach my Saturday morning yoga class.

So, I went to class feeling happy and open and ready to share the message of compassion with my class. I was ready to drop some real love bombs on them! It ended up being the worst class I feel I have taught to date. There was a huge lesson in this class and I will share that in another post but what I want to share right now is the complete lack of compassion I had for myself after that class. I couldn’t stop beating myself up about what I did wrong and what I should have done instead. I replayed the class over and over in my head every hour on the hour for the entire rest of the day.

I woke up this morning with a gentle sigh of relief. I am done. I cannot change yesterday’s class. All I can do is learn from it and move on. I can know that yesterday’s lesson will help me be a more present and compassionate teacher tomorrow. This morning, reflecting back on it, Deepak’s words resonated stronger than ever. Below is my paraphrase of what Dr. Deepak Chopra spoke of. The beauty in what Deepak said was the simplicity of the message. We can all easily digest his words and share them with the world. And so for me today I say this to myself and I share it with you:

You have one job this morning, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for a silly mistake you made yesterday, forgive yourself for what you are already dreading tomorrow. Start the process of forgiveness even if what you need to forgive is something so colossal that it feels unbearable. Just start. Start by sitting in silence for just three minutes. Send yourself love and compassion. You deserve it. When you give yourself the gift of exploring your inner peace you are helping the world around you.

With love and compassion to you and to all,