Praying Out Loud

I had a big revelation last night.

Let me start by telling you this first, when I write our Monday Mantra each week I don’t just pick the words out of thin air. I choose the mantra based on feelings a friend may have shared with me, events going on in the news, and most typically from what I sense that I personally need that week. That couldn’t be more true for this week’s mantra on releasing control. I’ve got a lot of change taking place in the next several months. Some of that change is already planned, like traveling 1/2 way across the world for my first big vacation with my husband. Other changes are partly planned (if that), like moving to a brand new city.

This is good. I like to live my life exploring the unknown. Heck, that’s what I write about, but I can’t help but have moments or days of stress and panic. Last night was one of those nights. I was freaked. Usually in moments of insecurity and stress I turn to my journal, I talk it out with myself, with the universe, and more often than not I can come to terms.

Last night was different. I decided to pray but not just to myself; I prayed out loud. There was something powerful about speaking my fears out loud for nobody to hear but me. Most of the fears that seemed to be overcoming me suddenly didn’t seem so bad when I spoke them out loud. Actually, my fears ended up being a reminder of all I have to be grateful for. I surprised myself. As I started to pray an overwhelming sense of knowing came over me. Although I was speaking my fears and asking for help, I began to coach myself. I felt a blanket of calm surround me and I’ve breathed easier since.

I invite you to try to pray out loud. Tell us how it goes!