Monday Mantra: My 30-Day Prayer

This week’s mantra is in the form of a prayer. This is a prayer I’ve been doing a lot lately and it’s helped so much that I’ve committed to saying this prayer every day for the next 30 days.

“Universe what do you need? Show me how I can serve you.”

Monday Mantra: My Personal New Year’s Prayer

Happy 2017 to you! For the first Monday Mantra of the year I wanted to focus less on a specific mission and instead remind myself of the qualities that I value. Today I share with you my personal prayer. This prayer is my road map to the year, whatever improvements I seek and whatever goals I hope to achieve, if I stay on track with these values I know in the end that I’ve won. If the prayer resonates with you, please use it. If it inspires you to write your own, I encourage you to. Here is to an intentional 2017.

Praying Out Loud

I had a big revelation last night.

Let me start by telling you this first, when I write our Monday Mantra each week I don’t just pick the words out of thin air. I choose the mantra based on feelings a friend may have shared with me, events going on in the news, and most typically from what I sense that I personally need that week. That couldn’t be more true for this week’s mantra on releasing control. I’ve got a lot of change taking place in the next several months. Some of that change is already planned, like traveling 1/2 way across the world for my first big vacation with my husband. Other changes are partly planned (if that), like moving to a brand new city.

Lack Mentality

Creative Living – to move beyond what you feel you “should” do according to outside pressure to live in a way that truly feels right. Aka, my latest obsession.

Lack mentality – when you are hyper-focused on what you have lost in the past or what you are going to get in the future.

Monday Mantra: Purpose with Intention

I hear and see it everywhere, “find your true purpose.” I think I spent the majority of my 20’s searching for and failing to find “my life’s purpose”. It does sound wonderful to tap into a higher knowing, select a magical purpose that serves you and the world, and then live that out for the rest of your life in total bliss. In reality though, we’re more likely to get thrown off our path when we set out to “find our life’s purpose.”

Yoga Teacher Reflection: Why I Teach Yoga

Last month we kicked off a new series Yoga Teacher Reflections, lessons I’ve learned from the front of the classroom“. For this installment I’d like to get real honest. Why do I teach yoga?

The last day of my 200 hr Teacher Training with Kathryn Budig and Gina Caputo my teachers asked us to get up in front of the room and explain why we wanted to teach yoga. I had absolutely no idea what to say. As I listened to my fellow trainees explain how they wanted to teach because of their love for the practice and their want to help people I sat and listened to them and felt completely blank. Although I love my yoga practice and I did truly want to help people, the only thing that came to mind in that very moment was my ego.

Monday Mantra: Acceptance

I accept exactly where I am right now.

Not to judge or compare it

but to realize it exactly in its’ moment.

When I accept my present fully,

without adding what I wish it was or wasn’t

I give myself more tools for

growth, change and fulfillment.

It all begins with right now,

it all starts with the love and acceptance

of this present moment.