Monday Mantra: The Nice Woman

I’ve been thinking about “the nice woman,” the role I was taught to play as a girl, and continue to play now in adulthood. Specificaly, I’ve been thinking about how the “nice woman” plays out in my interactions with others—not my close friends and loved ones—just people that I come across in work and throughout the day. The “nice woman” is overly friendly. She actually is genuine. She actually does care about being nice to the people she interacts with. But she also knows that she must play this role. Society expects it of her. 

Monday Mantra: My Truest Version of Self

Do you want a fulfilling life? Stop trying to achieve your goals. I actually do mean that. Just maybe not in the way that it sounds.

I saw a headline over the weekend with an eye-catching title, “You will succeed if this is your number one goal.” It caught my attention immediately, but mostly because I was skeptical. Who is to say what succeeding is? What should my ultimate goal be, and who is someone else to tell me?

Another Thought on Meditation

Last week I published a few thoughts on meditation. Over the weekend while on my cushion, I noticed another trend that happens a lot to me while on my mat. Unlike last week’s thoughts this is a bit sillier, yet I have a feeling I am not the only one who has experienced it. Yes folks, I am talking about “the meditation itch.”

Monday Mantra: The Sweetness of Seconds

There were 30 people at my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, which means that moments to myself were few and far between. At one point during the night I found myself in the basement putting a few of our serving dishes away. I stopped for a moment and listened to the sound of 30 of my closest family members talking, laughing and celebrating; it was my favorite moment of the weekend and a huge reminder that the sweetest, simplest parts of life are in the long seconds of the present.

Monday Mantra: Give it Away

This time of year brings back to school routines and swapping our flops for our booties. Whether you are in your normal routine or in the midst of creating new patterns, fall has come and change surrounds us all.

Change, no matter how big or small, can throw us for a loop. Our adrenal system takes on the access stress of a changing routine and our vata (air element) is increased which can cause our thoughts to grab ahold of us and take us on a journey of worry and anxiety.