monday blogs

Monday Mantra: My Truest Version of Self

Do you want a fulfilling life? Stop trying to achieve your goals. I actually do mean that. Just maybe not in the way that it sounds.

I saw a headline over the weekend with an eye-catching title, “You will succeed if this is your number one goal.” It caught my attention immediately, but mostly because I was skeptical. Who is to say what succeeding is? What should my ultimate goal be, and who is someone else to tell me?

Monday Mantra: I’m Freaking Cray & That’s Okay

Whether it’s the full moon, or just the intensity of life, lately I’ve noticed myself falling into “the cray”—those small parts of self that get carried away by over-thinking, untruths, and too much trust in the ego.

My crazy self has taken over a time or two too much in the last week, but as the mindful practice goes, I’ve been able to witness myself engaging in those crazy feelings. But you know what? I’m here to say something I never thought I’d say. It’s time to stop being mindful. Well—at least for a minute.

Monday Mantra: I Hear You

I say a lot on this blog, but sometimes what I say the most is “I”.

This week I say “I” in a different sense, this week I say, “I hear you.”

Monday Mantra: I Am Not a Chickenshit

Chickenshit isn’t the prettiest word, but it was appropriate for today.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how to listen to your inner voice. We both expressed that though we try to listen to ourselves—sometimes we can’t determine what is real and what is just anxiety or doubt. As we contemplated, she blurted out, “ya know I have to remember, I’ve done a lot of things in my life, I’m not a chickenshit. Why can’t I remember that in the face of doubt?” And so began, this week’s mantra. 

Monday Mantra: Empowerment Now

What is empowerment?

Speaking up when you feel called to. Standing your ground to defend your worth. Giving. It can be a lot of things, but to me, empowerment starts with recognizing the now.

Monday Mantra: I Will Listen

Regularly on this platform I encourage you—and myself—to get quiet and listen. Most of the time the focus is on self connection and so I write to listen to yourself, to your fear, and to your gut.

Monday Mantra: Without Fear

What would happen if you were to truly live believing in the notion that you have nothing to fear? You are held, taken care of, being watched over, and being sent love just by simply being and doing and paying attention.

I think for some people this could feel too idealistic. It might even feel too religious like I am talking about an unseen being that you don’t believe in. But stay with me for a minute. Because, wouldn’t it be helpful to live without the weight of fear? Wouldn’t it be nice to take action without first contemplating hundreds of questions? Wouldn’t it feel lighter? Don’t we all just want to feel lighter?