Monday Mantra: The Mid-February Call to be Gentle

This was a great weekend. I got a lot done and enjoyed down time. But one thing I didn’t do (which I almost always do on the weekends) was write. I knew what I needed was a break—and instead of pushing through and writing because “I should,”  I took the time to do internal work and simply enjoy my Sunday in all the ways my presence was telling me I needed.

Turns out, this is quite the late-February pattern of mine. As I looked back at posts I wrote this time last year—and the year before—I found that both highlighted the same need. A break. A reminder to be gentle with myself. Permission to not be perfect.

So, here’s last year’s reminder to be gentle. I hope you can give yourself a break at some point this week, too.

Friday Digs

Happy Friday, to you! It just hit me that I have just about 4 1/2 weeks left until my due date—phew! With that in mind, we’ll be making the most out of this weekend. Lots of cooking, spending quality time with one another, and of course puppy time outside.

But first… it’s Friday Digs!

Monday Mantra: My Insecurities Set Me Free

It’s not often you read insecurity and free in the same sentence. With one, doesn’t usually come the other. Or so, we thought.

Lately I’ve been working on a “let it out” practice. It’s simple: if a thought or insecurity is stuck in a loop in my head, no matter how embarrassing, scary, or uncomfortable it makes me feel, I tell someone about it.

Friday Digs: Get Shit Done Edition

Once a month I meet with a group of women called the “Boise Women Who Get Shit Done.” We have guest speakers, panels and group events focused on a different theme each month. From block chain to “having it all” we dive into a lot of different topics, but this month’s theme was intentional goal setting.

It was such a great event that I thought I’d share some of the exercises with you all for a special edition of Friday Digs.

Monday Mantra: Focus on What’s In Front of You

When it comes to big life events: a move, a marriage, welcoming a new baby, it’s normal to focus on the big picture. And even in our day to day lives, it’s more common than not to have our focus 10 steps ahead of where we actually are in our situations.

Some call it future tripping. Some call it planning. There’s a place for it. But it can also leave you feeling overwhelmed and unfocused.

A Different Type of Friday Digs

As I shared in this week’s Monday Mantra, one of the lessons I’m committing to this year is telling my truth. To myself, to those around me—and to you.

Though I’ve always been open on this blog, this year my intention is to be as authentically me as I can be and that means sharing all—despite being afraid of what you might think about me when I share. I’ve found, the more we let out of the dark of our minds and into the light of real life, the less we’re controlled by the fear of that darkness and the more ourselves we can be.

And so here it goes, my first big truth of the year.