Monday Mantra: The Nice Woman

I’ve been thinking about “the nice woman,” the role I was taught to play as a girl, and continue to play now in adulthood. Specificaly, I’ve been thinking about how the “nice woman” plays out in my interactions with others—not my close friends and loved ones—just people that I come across in work and throughout the day. The “nice woman” is overly friendly. She actually is genuine. She actually does care about being nice to the people she interacts with. But she also knows that she must play this role. Society expects it of her. 

Monday Mantra: My 30-Day Prayer

This week’s mantra is in the form of a prayer. This is a prayer I’ve been doing a lot lately and it’s helped so much that I’ve committed to saying this prayer every day for the next 30 days.

“Universe what do you need? Show me how I can serve you.”

Monday Mantra: Authenticity Isn’t Perfection

Social media advice, or business advice, is not something you typically see here on GMG. Actually, this blog isn’t about me giving advice at all. Instead, it’s a place I share reflections on day to day life in a way that might help you reflect on your own day to day, too.

But here it is this week, social media—a topic that we could all stand to reflect on a little more.

My Favorite Tools for Self Connection

As fall approaches, we start to feel calls to turn inward, honor the cycles that have passed, and reconnecting to our deeper selves.
A self connected person is able to identify their emotions, listen to their intuition and follow their heart. When you are more connected to your deeper sense of self, it is easier to drop the societal pressure of “norms” and act from a place of love and knowing. Here are my favorite tools for strengthening self connection.

The Authoritative Empath

On Monday I mentioned that this week’s content would be dedicated to the empaths. Yes, you. The hypersensitive, totally in-tune, rocking empath who is constantly taking care of the emotional well-being of others, even when she’s not asked to.

Your compassion is fierce and admirable, and despite what some people might say–your ability to look at situations through the eyes of others makes you the powerful change agent that we need more of in this world. But the same tendencies that make you a strong empath can also make it hard to be authoritative in certain situations.

Monday Mantra: For The Empaths

Empaths are hypersensitive. When they see another person in pain, they don’t just sympathize with that person, they take on that pain and try to process it as their own. It’s a beautiful quality. One of intuition, compassion, and love. But empaths can tune in so deeply to another’s distress that it can negatively impact their day to day lives.