Monday Mantra: Putting the Pieces Together

I was looking back in my journal this weekend. Earlier this year I wrote:

“Broken. I don’t feel broken. More like not put together. Like there are pieces around me, and I know these pieces, I’ve studied them, I know where they want to go. Yet, I can’t seem to put them there.”

Monday Mantra: Suffering is Ok

Suffering. It’s a scary word. So scary in fact that most of us work hard to avoid it every day. We try to control situations to avoid failure or disappointment (suffering), we use positive mantras to keep us feeling happy (in light of suffering), and our greatest fears usually involve suffering.

It’s possible many of you even had aversion to reading the title of today’s post.

Friday Digs

Happy summer solstice! Summer is my favorite time of year and I love using this change of seasons to take inventory on what matters most to me and how my actions are aligned with those values. This weekend I’ll be taking a hike with the pup, prepping for company next week, doing a few fun diy projects around the house, and most importantly—breathing with intention.

But first, it’s Friday Digs!

Friday Digs

Friday, YES. Weekend plans, yes. No need to go on because well—it’s Friday Digs and I’m really digging the digs this week, so let’s get to it.

Happy reading. Happy weekend!

Monday Mantra: The Silliest Question

Recently I’ve found myself asking this question — “has something actually happened if another person doesn’t know about it?” Meaning, do I even count it as an experience if I can’t share it with another? Will it live on in my memory if it were never validated by another person’s approval?

The obvious answer is yes, it still counts. But I’m not looking for the answer to that question — I know it’s a silly question. What I’m more interested in is finding out why I feel compelled to ask the question at all.

Monday Mantra: I Can Receive

Recently I was among a group of high achievers—I mean, HIGH achievers. CEOs, million dollar entrepreneurs, activists, artists, women. All. Women. All who have accomplished a lot. All who had a lot to say. Words of wisdom, motivation, and courage. But one theme that stretched across the conversations was the topic of worth—and more specifically the lack of worth that we all feel at one time or another.

Monday Mantra: I’ll Be Here Again

When I’ve made it to a perfect moment in time, I don’t think “okay, I’m done, it’s finished.” I’m not done, it’s not finished. Instead I relish in the magic that is the moment and I say, “thanks, but I’ll be here again.”

Picture this. I am under the stars and the deep night’s sky, in a warm salt-water tub surrounded by redwood trees. And, I’m being paid to be there. Not only that, but the person who is paying me, believes in me, has invested in me, and challenges me to use and learn new skills daily.