Monday Mantra: Remember Who You Are

“Remember who you are,” is a mantra I’ve been telling myself a lot lately. At first it felt arbitrary—I know who I am.

But really, remember who you are. Who am I without the definitions, titles, goals I have for myself that makeup the version of me that I share with the world? Even more, who am I if I’m not the version of me that I have in my head that I talk to and argue with on a daily basis? I already know that person. What do I have to remember?

Friday Digs

I am excited for a weekend visiting friends in a town I used to live in! I hope you have a weekend filled with fun and friends!

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

Monday Mantra: Body, I Haven’t Forgotten You

Hey body, I haven’t forgotten about you.

Mostly on this blog I talk about health of the mind. I observe the ups and downs of ego, personality, and self-talk and try to learn lessons from those observations. But hey—what about the body? Without this body carrying me through my day I wouldn’t have very much to observe.

Friday Digs

Friday, YES. Weekend plans, yes. No need to go on because well—it’s Friday Digs and I’m really digging the digs this week, so let’s get to it.

Happy reading. Happy weekend!

Friday Digs

Who’s ready to start the weekend early? All hands up. Happy Friday all!

This weekend I’ll be doing a bit of camping, water play, and eating my summer favorites – berries, raw veggies,  a lot of sparkling water, and some cheesecake because, balance.

I’ll be taking this Monday off but will see you back later in the week. I hope your holiday weekend is filled with celebration, love, and reflection for self and for those we’re honoring on Monday. See you next week!

Monday Mantra: The Silliest Question

Recently I’ve found myself asking this question — “has something actually happened if another person doesn’t know about it?” Meaning, do I even count it as an experience if I can’t share it with another? Will it live on in my memory if it were never validated by another person’s approval?

The obvious answer is yes, it still counts. But I’m not looking for the answer to that question — I know it’s a silly question. What I’m more interested in is finding out why I feel compelled to ask the question at all.

Friday Digs

Happy Friday!

You may have noticed that I’ve been quiet on social media this week. Besides replying to wonderful birthday messages on Tuesday, I have deleted all social media and have been taking a break. When you run an online blog this is probably not the best business decision. But just as I write about trusting your gut and going against the norm, I knew I had to do this for me. I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but I will be here every Monday and Friday and am looking forward to strengthening my connection with you all right here.

I’m looking forward to a nice weekend in the Boise foothills with my husband and my pup.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

Monday Mantra: On The Eve Of A Birthday

On my 31st birthday I was full of insight. I had reflected on a lot. I had a lot to say. I was feeling solid in who I was. I was feeling content and secure. On the eve of my 32nd birthday I’m not feeling as confident. I’ve just been dealt a hard card and I’m not sure what to do with it yet. (More on that to come in the next few weeks.)

Last year I wrote about “becoming adult” and this year I really feel like one, and the more I embrace my adult self the more I become comfortable with not having answers. Right now, today, I have a lot of questions and almost no answers. But I do know one thing, the woman who wrote last year’s post was filled with answers and that woman will be back again soon. And so I sit and listen to my last year self and remember that she’s in me right now too.