Friday Digs

Happy Friday!

As I look out at the sky tonight just before dark it’s covered in a deep blue hue with a brightness that looks like someone is shining a flashlight at it. The moon is almost full and the air is light. I take a deep breath and am reminded of how good it feels to notice my lungs expand. I enjoy a calming moment as I get ready for bed, and I thought I’d share it with you too because well—I wish for a similar moment for you in the near future.

This weekend my husband will be home after a week away for work and we have a weekend packed with a balance of fun gatherings with friends and some downtime.

But first, it’s Friday Digs!

Monday Mantra: I am Over Fear

When I set out to write this week’s mantra, I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is “eyes on your own paper” part two. But this week I’m not talking about looking to other people for the answers. Instead, I’m looking at the moments when we let other people’s fears become our own.

Friday Digs

Happy Friday! If you’ve been following along on insta, you’ve seen that I’ve been on a “quality time” kick this week. I’ve been consciously aware of how I spend my time, and more importantly how I allow myself to spend my time by removing guilt and expectation and instead just experiencing where I am or what I’m doing without the constant nag of “should.”


Monday Mantra: Eyes On Your Own Paper

“Eyes on your own paper” is a command I remember hearing a lot in my days of middle school—and though it’s a direction I never thought would be important to me past the ring of the bell in my teen years, I’m realizing now that it can be quite imperative to follow as an adult.

Friday Digs

Happy Friday! This was busy week, off the heels of a fun-whirlwind weekend—so this weekend I am looking forward to lots of rest and self-care. And also, a little bit of work.

But first.. it’s Friday Digs.

Monday Mantra: Attention Gives Me Connection

As you work on creating a life that is aligned there are a few daily practices that help. This week’s mantra focuses on one of those practices: attention. As any mindful maven knows, being present is the she-king of a mindfulness practice, but sometimes simply telling yourself to be present can sometimes not be specific enough. This week, when we give ourselves the intention to pay attention—we’re giving ourselves a specific action to focus on. 

Friday Digs

Happy Friday!

We have friends visiting from back home, so we are looking forward to a weekend of camping and fun. Instead of sharing the typical Friday Digs this week, I thought I’d share the mindfulness, meditations, and mantras that I’ve been using as helpful tools the past several weeks.

It’s a new kind of Friday Digs.