Mo’ Money, Less Problems

I spent $300 on one shirt. And though that may seem extravagant, it was that action that helped me step into the power of my own self-worth.

Monday Mantra: What Traffic Taught Me

This Monday Mantra is brought to you by traffic. Yes traffic—bumper to bumper—late for work—traffic. But more importantly, a lesson I’m learning from my time spent in traffic.

Friday Digs

Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to a weekend of exploring with the puppy and catching up with friends.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

Honoring The Season’s Change

Last night we celebrated of one of the biggest fall milestones—Halloween—inching us closer to the end of the fall season. As more leaves hit the pavement and the nights turn cooler, I’ve began to reflect on cycles.

Monday Mantra: I Hear You

I say a lot on this blog, but sometimes what I say the most is “I”.

This week I say “I” in a different sense, this week I say, “I hear you.”

Friday Digs

Happy Friday. This week has been filled with more ups and downs than I’ve experienced in a while. This weekend I feel myself needing quality downtime filled with little responsibilities and a lot of relaxation. Breath work, TV time, and baths will be on my to-do list.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

Monday Mantra: Agency

As most writers  do, I love words. Love ’em. Finding new ones, dissecting old ones, repurposing generic ones. Every now and again I get stuck on a word that seems to speak to those pieces inside of me that I hadn’t yet been able to identify. Those feelings that flow through my body without a name, until at last I hear the word and it all makes sense. The word of the moment for me right now?


That brings us to today’s mantra.