What We Dig This Week

This was a busy and hot week – summer is in full swing and we’re psyched to share a few things we’ve discovered!

Holly: Tomatillos. I love the entire experience of this nightshade. From their lime green color to the puffy outer layer that is so fun to peel off, I have been experimenting all week with new ways to add tomatillos to my dishes. So far I’ve found they are great blended with garlic and cayenne for a quick sauce to add to tacos or chopped into pineapple salsa.

Shauna: I was in Portsmouth, NH celebrating the wedding of a dear friend last weekend and while I was exploring the city I came across a store called  janegee. It featured some really lovely natural beauty products and smelled like heaven. I didn’t buy anything while we were there but I admired the company’s philosophy to limit waste, avoid animal testing and create gentle, natural products. I am dying to try this clear skin oil.

H: This blog post from one of my favorite companies, Banyan Botanicals that describes skin scare during Pitta season.

S: The Folk Rebellion – this is a movement and lifestyle company aimed at helping people to be more mindful about their technology use by unplugging more often and tuning into one another and their surroundings. As they phrase it they are, “crusading for the return of offline living.” Check out this letter to your senses and then unplug for a bit.

H: I’ve had the same bikini for the past 5 summers. This year I finally decided it was time to treat myself to a new swimsuit that makes me feel feminine and playful and with this one I have definitely hit my mark.

S: Forest bathing. This is a new term I learned and I think it’s just swell. It means exactly what it sounds like, surrounding yourself with nature and is a beautiful reminder of how rejuvenating that can be. Living in Brooklyn makes forest bathing a little tricky, but next week I’ll be chillin’ in the Adirondacks taking all the forest baths.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Holly & Shauna