Weekend Wakeup Everyday

You know that feeling when you wakeup on a Saturday morning? You feel happy, relaxed and ready to have a day filled with whatever you want to do. Waking up on a weekday doesn’t have to be so different. Even if you have to get all done up for a day at the office or rush out of the house to bring the kids to daycare, you can choose your perspective. Try inviting that Saturday morning feel good vibe into your Wednesday morning routine today. Try doing one thing that makes you feel like it’s the weekend, like stopping for a special coffee drink or maybe doing a little dance while you brush your teeth. Our attitude is a choice and even on the busiest of days, even on those mundane boring mornings, you can choose to make it special in your own little, “you” way. Choose to invoke that Saturday perspective today and make it a great day.



Photo credit: unsplash.com