The Mundane Day

Despite your best efforts your weekend may not have gone as planned. You didn’t get that soul loving Sunday you were craving. Me either. I wanted to do yoga, go hiking. and read. Instead, I watched three episodes of the Gilmore Girls while I made a mess of my kitchen trying to bake for a work party later that night.

I got home from said party feeling cranky, tired and less than fulfilled. Why am I sharing this? My guess is you’ve felt the same before, maybe even today.

I pride myself on my One Woman Soul Sundays. I am great at them. I love being by myself and doing what I want. Yesterday, however, I just couldn’t get there. I was too wrapped up in tasks I needed to do for other people and apparently that meant making my kitchen look like a rowdy pack of two-year-olds threw a preschool party in it.

After the day was all said and done I got down on myself hard for not relishing my Sunday. For not making it a day filled with rainbows and sunshine and all things uplifting. I spiraled down into a hole of grumpiness and a tad bit of self shaming. All for what? Just because I didn’t take my Sunday by the horns? It’s funny now that I look back on it.

Luckily I quickly came back to earth. I had a mundane day. That is okay. As my favorite quote from “Eat, Pray, Love” goes “sometimes part of living balanced life is losing balance.” We can’t always control our day. We can set out for it to be great and sometimes it just won’t be. A not-so-great day does not mean failure, it just means “life.”

Happy Monday. Let’s start again.