Morning Prayer

Lemon water, avocado toast and meditation are just a few of the things that keep my morning routine flowing but there is one thing I do every day that I haven’t mentioned before. I always leave room for prayer. Here are a few of my steps toward creating a personal morning prayer routine. 

Don’t define it. For some the word “prayer” can be intimidating and scary. Whether you believe in God, angels, the universe or nothing at all, prayer is a time for you to say to yourself, “this is what I need to call in,” or “I need this to feel [safe/strong/empowered] today.” By taking a moment to acknowledge what you are feeling for the day you are moving forward with intention and motivation.

Connect. Prayer is a beautiful time to feel the higher energy around you. If this feels way too far into left field for you, what I mean is this: find the magic in the moment. Feel the air on your skin, notice the beating of your heart, connect to yourself first and then if feel so inclined, take your attention a little higher. Send peace to the energy around you and notice how you feel. My guess is you can connect way more than you thought you could. It might not feel like much but I bet it puts a smile on your face.

Nike style, Just do it. Ideally prayer would be done somewhere quiet with no distractions, similar to meditation. On the real though, for us multitasking-busy-modern women, that just ‘aint gonna happen ery’day. And so I say, just do it. When you are in the shower, curling your locks, or eating your smoothie bowl, skip scrolling the screen or replaying your to-do list, instead take the time to say your prayer. The good news is, it doesn’t take long. Sometimes just a minute will do.

Seal it in. To acknowledge the fact that you are indeed praying it’s important to have a ritual with your prayer. The easiest way to create a ritual is with a specific word or phrase to seal it in at the end. This makes the prayer special and differentiates your words from your daily wonderings. You can use the traditional “amen” or “namaste” or get a little creative with something like “peace out.” The exact words don’t matter as long as they resonate with you.

Give it a try and tell us how it goes below! Share your prayer routine with us!