The Guru View

Guru (noun): (in Hinduism and Buddhism) a spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation.

A guru acts as the “dispeller of darkness”. A guru is someone who challenges you to explore beyond your ordinary thought patterns and welcome in a higher state of consciousness.

It is with my utmost respect for the sacred guru-student relationship that I offer another avenue. Along with the guidance of teachers and books, there is also a great teacher within. In cultivating your own spiritual and self awareness, my hope is that you become more connected to the inner love and guidance that you’ve always had.

I’m all about awakening the gorgeous guru within by discovering depths of consciousness, challenging myself to seek new information, and exploring my limits. I’m here to share my experience of searching out the inner guru—and I’m here to learn how you do it, too. 

Rise and shine, Guru, I know you have it in you.