Your Inner Compass Is Never Wrong

A few weeks back I wrote about following your inner compass-that place inside that guides you toward what your soul craves. The thing is, sometimes when you are focused on “following your heart” you can get wrapped up in the pressure to “following your dream or your bliss.” More likely, when you truly follow your heart it is so subtle that you don’t even realize you are doing it. You make gut decisions just because it feels like simply the right thing. However, the more you focus on doing the right thing, the harder and more intense your decision feels.

When following your subtle inner voice two things can happen.

One. You look back 6 months or a year down the road and realize you chose based on what you wanted more than what you thought you should have chosen based on outer pressure. Your life might not look exactly like you thought it might, but you are happy, calm and relaxed.


Two. The thing with our inner compass is that it never truly goes away. If you don’t follow it right away, you will continue to get that nudge toward what it is you really want. It may take longer than if you were to follow it right away. You may take several left turns on your way there, but eventually you are led right to where you wanted to go in the first place. That subtle inner voice gets louder and louder until you can’t get ignore it anymore.

Whether you follow the subtle voice and a happy life unfolds before your eyes, or you are continually nudged to follow the voice inside that says, “there must be a better way,” it’s important to know that you cannot do it wrong. You won’t miss your fate or make the wrong decision, as the universe will continue to show you where you are meant to be, because you are truly meant to be there. On top of it all, the more you let go of  the pressure to “follow your bliss,” the easier it is to recognize your subtle voice and dance with the possibilities of your intentions.

Happy manifesting, happy compass, happy you.