Winter Wellness Kitchen Staples

It may not be officially winter, but t he date is all the same to me. Once my cozy sweaters are out and the heat is on, all of my winter wellness habits kick right on. Here are my winter wellness kitchen staples for this time of year.

Confession: this picture is all thanksgiving and little wellness—but you get the gist, right?

Winter Wellness Kitchen Staples

Spirulina. I sprinkle this in everything from smoothies and oatmeal to my Sunday pancake mix for a green fix anytime of day.

My favorite Ayurvedic herb.

Matcha. I have a hard time buying matcha from the store, I like to know that I am getting it as pure as I can find. I plan on buying my matcha this winter from a trusted wholesaler I like in my city.

This herb blend is everything, I feel so powerful adding it to my kitchen routine.

This tea to help cleanse the body.

Because yum.


For a healthy lymphatic system.

This adaptogen.

For added collagen to my diet.

For digestion.

What are your favorite winter wellness kitchen additions?