What We Dig this Week

A round up of our favorite things about this week. From our days to yours!

Holly: The summer solstice. I love the celebrations and rituals that come with starting a new season.

Shauna: My new cat, Indy. My fiance and I adopted him through the Animal Care Center of NYC. He is a little sweetheart and we’re happy to welcome him into our little family!

H: My new Mango pants. I’ve been really wanting a pair of joggers for an easy breezy option in the summer when I don’t want to wear shorts. Tapered ankles never look right on me so I love that these just hang straight down. Plus, they were super affordable.

S: Pen and paper To-Do lists. I’ve tried tons of productivity apps but always gravitate back to pen and paper. I’m really interested in trying out this method!

H: I’ve always been a fan of Broadway. This tribute to the Orlando victims touched me.

S: Watering my house plants – is that lame? It makes me feel more connected to the earth which can be hard living in NYC.

H: I live in high desert and although I love it, I have been battling dry skin ever since I’ve moved here. I found this face mask and my skin has never felt better. I leave it on all night and wake up feeling dewey and fresh!

S: This song. I honestly can’t hear it enough.


What are your favorite things from this week? Have a happy and healthy weekend!

Holly & Shauna