What We Dig This Week

Happy Friday ya’ll! Sidebar: Can we pull off the ya’ll? The jury is still out.

It’s been another busy week but we are looking forward to a nice weekend filled with some work and a lot of play. Here is a round up of our favorite things from the week! 

Holly: Rosemary on my popcorn. Oh. My. Gosh! I ground up fresh rosemary and added it to a mix of melted butter and olive oil. I drizzled the rosemary oil over freshly popped popcorn and sprinkled with salt, fresh pepper and nutritional yeast. It was so yummy!

Shauna:Having friends over for dinner. I dig this pretty much every week, but was thrilled to host an out-of-town friend with his lovely wife this week. We all talked for hours and had a Mediterranean-inspired feast with cilantro falafel, lemon garlic hummus, black kale salad with avocado and red onion, tahini sauce, curried kohlrabi fries and a fresh baguette. It was a perfect evening!

H: This playlist from Spotify. Whether I am writing and need to focus or want something pretty in the background for yoga class this has been my go to sound.

S: Tapping. This is a new practice for me and I absolutely love it. It is a quick way to re-energize and, since I’ve had an intense teaching schedule for the last couple weeks, it’s been a life-saver. Here’s how you do it.

H: Herbal Iced Tea. I take one of my favorite herbal teabags and steep it in a large shot glass for a few minutes, then I just pour it over ice. The temp is perfect – not shocking to the system by being either cold or super hot. I add more hot water to the shot glass and continue to re-steep the tea until I feel like I’ve gotten all I can out of the bag, since it’s herbal it lasts for several rounds. It is nice having a shot of health whenever I ever need a pick-me-up.

S: Holly – I’ve had a crazy week and she’s been holding down GMG like a boss. I’m so grateful for her and can’t thank her enough for all the support she’s given me during such a busy time. Love you, girl!

Have a great weekend! We’ll see you on Monday!


Holly & Shauna