What We Dig This Week

This week has been quite hectic and crazy for both of us, but we can never forget to recognize the little things. Here is a roundup of what gave us joy this busy full moon week.

Holly: Slowing down & savoring. It may feel counterintuitive to slow down with a busy schedule but that is just what I needed when hump day rolled around. I took 10 minutes outside with no distractions to eat my breakfast. That short amount of time was the mini unplug I needed to start my day feeling rejuvenated.

Shauna: Holly’s post on “The Art of Not Settling” really hit home for me this week. As I consider some new and exciting opportunities it was a great reminder to check back in and make sure the decisions I make are aligned with my goals.

H: Ricing my vegetables. This idea actually came from Shauna when I asked her for dinner advice for the skimpy amount of food I had at home. She told me to put my beets and zucchini in the food processor and “rice” the veggies. I sautéed them with olive oil and cumin. It was so delicious I’ve done it 2 times since!

S: Accompany. This gorgeously curated online store features fair-trade, ethically-sourced and artisan-made housewares and clothing/jewelry. I definitely see these pillows in my future – not only are they beautiful, but 100% of profits are donated to the Red Cross to assist with the Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts in the Philippines. I’m also excited to shop here for all those wedding gifts I need to send!

H: Crystals as gifts. Lately I have had many friends celebrate new homes, pregnancies and new careers, (apparently from the post above, so has Shauna). I have found the best gifts to be crystals and gems geared toward a feeling or energy the person I am gifting may want to call in toward their new endeavor. I like the gift because it is small but feels very thoughtful and can be truly useful.

S: iTunes U. Stanford offers a ton of really fascinating classes for free on iTunes U, all you have to do is download the app. This has made my commutes into Manhattan in 100 degree weather much cooler 🙂

What did you dig this week?

We’ll see you on Monday. Have a happy and healthy weekend!


Holly & Shauna