What We Dig This Week

Wow – this week flew by! We’re both getting over colds and tried to take some time for self-care this week while still holding down GMG and all the other exciting things we have going on. Here are the things that helped!

Holly: With lots of computer work to do this week I needed something to listen to that wasn’t distracting. I found this playlist on Spotify, ambient noises to help focus your energy.

Shauna: Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink. I’ve been familiar with Dr Wansink’s research on what leads us to eat for a while, but this is my first time reading his book.  It’s a fascinating and quick read describing the seemingly endless cues that we don’t even realize are making us eat (or eat more). I recommend this book for everyone!

H: Cucumber and tahini has been my favorite late night snack this week. Tahini tastes so decadent but still packs a health punch. Plus, I’ve had a cold all week and tahini was on Shauna’s food list for immunity.

S: Date nights – Friday night is date night and, although there is nothing special planned, I always look forward to it!

H: It should be no surprise that I love to read blogs, I have several I read daily. As my husband and I plan for our upcoming vacation to South Africa, I’ve found a new blog that I love. Be My Travel Muse is a great resource when planning for a trip. I suggest you check her out if you are in the midst of travel planning or just looking for inspiration.

S: Smart leftovers. I’ve been trying to get better about preparing a few things during the weekend so that when I come home from work, a nutritious meal takes only 30 minutes or less to prep. Stayed tuned for my post next week on Mindful Meal Preparation!

Have a happy, healthy weekend!


Holly & Shauna