What We Dig

Happy Friday! Idaho has seen some snow this week and New York is expecting it this weekend, so we’re hoping for winter wonderlands on both sides of the continent. Here’s the roundup of our favorite finds this week.

Holly: I listened to this TED Talk two times because I liked it so much. Not only was Ron’s dialogue refreshingly funny, his mission to bring fresh food to his community (for free!) is a stellar example of the caring community members we all need in our neighborhoods.

Shauna: Lively – this is a company that designs “leisuree” for women by women. Check them out!

H: Okay, my secret is out; I totally and completely love the Gilmore Girls and I don’t care who knows it. It was my favorite show as a teen and now serves as my nostalgic pick-me-up anytime I need a boost. This week, I finally finished the newly released Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life on Netflix. The reviews on the reboot aren’t great, but I have to say, even though a few things didn’t quite add up, I will always be a GG through and through, (cue the cheesy music). If you’re a fan and are trying to wrap your head around what happened in AYITL take a look at this and this, they give good perspective. (warning: spoiler alert.)

S: Morning yoga – I used to take classes mostly in the evenings, but have been loving taking classes before work. It took about a week to get adjusted and now I’m so excited to wake up and go! This is the studio I’m loving.

H: Boise. I am a week into living here and so far the city has been quite good to me. I am so excited to continue to explore this beautiful area!

S: These fancy gingerbread men.

Have a happy and healthy weekend, see you Monday!


Holly & Shauna