What We Dig

What a week, Happy Friday! Here is what brought smiles to our faces this week…

Holly: I’ve been here all week for work and it has been so fun. This new school opens in May and is situated among the Redwoods of Northern California. Not only are the grounds beautiful, but the people running it are connected, intelligent, and driven with the purpose to bring good into the world. I just love it and can’t wait to return once they open.

Shauna: This idea for Mediterranean-style nachos. So fun!

H: I’ve had this company on my radar for a while now and am planning to do a spring wardrobe revamp this weekend.

S: I saw the Decemberists and Julien Baker at Brooklyn Steel this week – Julien Baker’s voice was absolutely amazing. It was such a great show!

H: Season 3. This show is the best way to wind down after a long day.

S: Oliver Tank just released a new album. I’m so excited to listen it!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


Holly & Shauna