What We Dig

Is it just us or has it been a long week?! We are both looking forward to some r&r this weekend. Here is the roundup of what brought smiles to our faces this week. It’s what we dig…

Holly: Alert, it’s another podcast– I can’t get enough. This one is from the producers of Serial and This American Life and has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Although it starts in a similar way as Serial, it ends up being quite different. What I liked about S-Town was the in-depth study of an interesting (and real) character. Between cleaning my house, taking walks around the neighborhood, driving to work, and making dinner – I finished this 7-episode podcast in less than a week.

Shauna: Brideside. I’m wedding planning and I just found this site – it’s perfect for finding bridesmaid dresses and they actually mail you dresses to try on at home!

H: Sunflowers on my kitchen table. I bought a few sunflowers last weekend and I’ve really enjoyed seeing them soak up the sun every morning as I walk down the hall to make my coffee.

S: Don Chingon. This is a Mexican restaurant in Park Slope. They have delicious avocado tempura tacos and the margaritas are yummy too!

H: Trader Joe’s. I honestly never really realized how cheap TJ’s was until I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago. I’ve made it my regularly grocery store now and I am surprised by my low bill every time I leave the check out.

S: Potcakes – these are the dogs native to the Caribbean and, boy, are they cute!

Check out this adorable potcake I named Charlie!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


Holly & Shauna