What We Dig

Yay for Friday! This is a special one for Holly, she’s headed to a very close friend’s wedding in upstate NY and Shauna is chilling in Brooklyn. Here is a roundup of what is keeping us healthy and grounded this week.

Holly: I’ll let you know in advance, all 3 of my digs this week are something you can listen to. I think that’s because I spent 40 hours in the car last weekend. One of the best hours of my road trip was listening to this podcast (episode 8,) with Kia Miller. I take Kia’s kundalini classes on yogaglo regularly and truly enjoyed her grounded and spiritual approach to living in this interview.

Shauna: Hosh Yoga. This is a yoga studio in Williamsburg that I tried this week. I loved it! Classes are $10 to drop in which is great for the city. The teacher led a wonderful well-rounded flow and I’ll definitely be back!

H: STYK. This podcast kept me interested and laughing for hours. Each episode of Stuff You Should Know explores in depth an array of topics from science to history to weird folklore. The two hosts have the perfect combination of wit and nerdy banter that make them lovable and their podcasts informative.

S: Syracuse, NY. This is where Holly and I actually met! I was there last weekend for a wedding and Holly is there now spending time with family – we just missed each other. It was wonderful to be back and I got to visit some of my favorite spots: Recess Coffee and Alto Cinco. Recess makes my all time favorite coffee and their vegan biscotti helped me write my thesis. Alto Cinco has an amazing (and veggie friendly) Mexi-Cali menu along with friendly staff, good wine and guacamole for days. If you’re ever in Syracuse, check them out!

H: Nhako & Medicine for the People. I’ve used this band in countless playlists for my yoga classes but I found a new adoration for them as I listened while driving. The poetry that is their lyrics are so spiritually connected in mindful living, definitely listen with a journal near by!

S: I’m teaching a class Super Foods Sunday class this weekend at the Natural Gourmet Institute. If you’re in town, come check it out and I’ll tell you all my favorite super foods!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!

Holly & Shauna