What We Dig

We live on different sides of the country and that’s never been more apparent than it was this week. Shauna was snuggled in her Brooklyn apartment away from the huge snow storm and Holly was wearing sandals and t-shirts in the 70° Boise weather. Although the latter might sound more enjoyable, we think both have their good qualities! Here’s what we dug this week…

Holly: I’ve always had sensitive skin and the past few weeks I’ve decided that the less I do, the better it is. Lately I have been using a gentle cleanser and then finishing with this. My skin hasn’t been this calm in a while.

Shauna: Did you know today is World Sleep Day? The slogan this year is “sleep soundly, nurture life” – how sweet is that?

H: Planet Earth II. I may have even said this before, but it’s worth saying again. This series has always been one of my favorites and the new roll-out of episodes has surpassed my expectations. It’s amazing what 10 years of new technology has done.

S: Food52’s March Madness face-off with cookbooks! Check it out here.

H: Okay, okay — I haven’t looked into these at all yet so I can’t vouch for their credibility, but I had to share because these are the prettiest vitamins I have ever seen. Who wouldn’t want to pop a few of those babies? I know what’s on my weekend research list!

S: Spoon’s new album, Hot Thoughts!

Have a happy & healthy weekend!


Holly & Shauna