What We Dig

Shauna is in Miami this weekend and Holly is hanging around the mountains in Idaho. Here are our digs from the week!

Holly: Tuesday was my two year wedding anniversary. I love a good reason to celebrate and although our anniversary was a quiet celebration this year, it was so nice to relive the memories of that special day.

Shauna: IIN took me to Miami! Every year the company hosts a cocktail party here for its employees. It’s my first time going and I’m excited to explore!

H: This extension for Google Chrome. I installed it on my browser, anytime I open a new window I see another beautiful picture. The image changes daily and there is a spot to put an intention for the day. It’s a nice pop of pretty for anyone who spends a lot of time looking at a screen.

S: Missing Richard Simmons – this is a new podcast that is totally fascinating me. You think you know Richard Simmons, but you have no idea…

H: Cold showers in the morning. Not only is this a time saver (there is no hanging out under the warm water), but the blast of cold is good for the lymphatic and endocrine systems, too. Although challenging, it’s been a fun way to boost my morning routine this week.

S: abcV opened! This is a long-anticipated vegetarian restaurant from the famous Jean-George Vongerichten. The menu is totally plant-based and features delicious-sounding dishes I can’t wait to try. Check out its inspired lunch menu here!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


Holly & Shauna