What We Dig

Happy Friday! Here are a few things that inspired us this week!

Holly: Morning walks. I’ve started my days this week by jumping right out of bed and taking a 20 minute walk around my neighborhood. The morning quiet time has given me a boost of energy (before my coffee!) and provided a grounded start that has helped me throughout each day. (I’ve been loving this so much it has inspired a post for next week.)

Shauna: Insight Timer – this is the app I use to meditate and I’ve grown to really love it. It allows you to choose different timers, chimes, and ambient noises. It tracks your meditation times and at the end of each meditation, it even tells you how many people you actually meditated with – so interesting!

H: This country. Last night I had the opportunity to meet refugees from around the world and hear their stories. The common theme: “this country is now my home.” Among all of the political rhetoric from the last few months, I am still proud to be part of this country and to say that I know so many Americans who are inclusive and care for their neighbors.

S: Great Pines Resort – this is where I’ll be getting married in the fall. We have our tasting this weekend and cannot wait!!

H: This tea. It’s filled with turmeric and has been a warm treat during my afternoons this week.

S: Sip and Paint – I had my first experience with this as an after work event. I had the best time and loved getting a chance to be creative and doing something I don’t normally do! I’m not much of an artist (see painting above), but it was fun pretending! The event was at a studio called the Painting Lounge.

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


Holly & Shauna