What We Dig

Happy Friday! Here is a roundup of our favorites that kept us well and smiling this week. Cheers to your weekend, whatever it may bring!

Holly: Banff Film Festival. This festival features films that range from 5-45 minutes, all with a focus in outdoor adventure. Even watching the “welcome” video (below) gets me excited and inspired. My husband and I attended the Boise festival this week, this video really got me fired up!

Shauna: I said yes to the dress – very excited and can’t wait to share it!

H: I talked about this in my insta-story last night. This video where Simon Sinek discusses millennials has gone viral. I love his perspective on this, as it is a trend I see in others and sometimes in myself. I loved the follow up video even more, as he encourages us to start a “help others” industry, just like the self help industry. So mindful. So powerful.

S: Dashboard Confessional covered Julien Baker’s, Sprained Ankle. Chris Carraba still has it.

H: Tocos in my coffee. This complex derived from rice has antioxidants, & Vitamins E & D. I love sprinkling it in my coffee for a creamy texture (I don’t use any milk,) and makes me feel like I am starting my day with bonus boost!

S: Toasted Almond tea from Birch Coffee. I don’t know why it’s pink, but I like how it tastes! Birch is also donating $0.25 to the ACLU for every coffee purchased this weekend (Friday-Sunday). They’ll also be matching donations up to $1,000.

Bonus: There is a new podcast that we think you’d like! Our friend Holly Lowery just started the Well & Weird podcast… we will be on it soon. Check it out!

Have a happy & healthy weekend!
Holly & Shauna