What We Dig

Happy Friday! Lots of exciting energy in the air as we head into the weekend!

Holly: Reading hour. I’ve been carving out an hour a day with my husband to dedicate only to reading. It’s been a great way for us to prioritize something that we both value but don’t always make time for.

Shauna: Turning a “sorry” into a “thank you”.  As someone who apologizes almost as a reflex, I’m making more of an effort to shift my focus into one of gratitude and nixing the negative. Rather than saying “sorry I made that typo,” it’s “thanks for the great edit!”

H: This video. I studied rhetoric in college so I always appreciate a well written speech. This woman’s conviction for what she believes in inspires me.

S: The Mortified Podcast – it features adults reading their adolescent/teen journals aloud to a crowd and it’s entertainment gold. Give it a listen when you need a laugh.

H: Homemade picture frames. I’ve always wanted to have a house filled with items that had a story. My husband made us the picture frame (photo above) for a painting we bought in Africa. We just hung it up this week and I love looking at it every time I sit at our kitchen table.

S: Side angle pose but with your palms clasped behind your back – it’s a great way to help open up the side body and my new favorite yoga pose. Try it and see!

Bonus: The AltUSNatParkService twitter account which is keeping tabs on the devastating effects of climate change and not letting themselves be intimidated.

Have a happy and healthy weekend! See you on Monday for a new mantra and a fresh week!


Holly & Shauna