What We Dig

Happy Friday!! Another exciting week – Holly taking on Boise and Shauna getting in her New York groove. 

Holly: My no tech line rule. This week I’ve made it my intention to not grab my phone when waiting in line at the grocery store, or any store. I’ve noticed I always grab for it when I have just a few moments without input. Not taking my phone out every spare minute that I have is a nice way to help me enjoy the mundane minutes of life with an attitude of presence.

Shauna:  How to Eat by Thich Nhat Hanh. This is a teeny book packed with brief thoughts on eating mindfully. Hanh reminds us that eat meal is a gift and each food, no matter how humble it seems, contains the whole cosmos. My favorite passage is called, “nothing comes from nothing.”

H: Phoenix, AZ. I had a chance to visit Phoenix for the first time this week and I loved to see how the city’s landscape had both mountains and palm trees. I always love traveling somewhere new.

S: Vegan Matcha Ice Cream – I developed a recipe for this that I can’t wait to share with you next week. It’s delicious!

H: This book.

S: The Obama family <3

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


Holly & Shauna