Well + Weird & GMG

If you’re a wellness junkie, you are bound to get weird every once in a while. (…errrr more like every day.) Health coach & podcast host, Holly Lowery, rolled out Well + Weird in late January, a podcast focused on “…cooking up a more delicious life via weird food, weird habits, and weird interests”.

On a snowy January morning, we sat down to the (virtual) round table with Holly to sip coffee and discuss our guru philosophy, mindful eating, and ayurveda, among other well + weird topics. We had such a fun time sharing our favorite wellness practices and learning from each other.

Listen to our conversation here.

Along with the Good Morning Guru episode, Well + Weird has featured several other wellness movers and shakers. Other episodes include topics on zero waste, acupuncture, and journaling with author, Katie Dalebout.

As a health coach Holly hosts several workshops throughout the year. We hope to try her DIY Kombucha class in the future!

Happy listening!


Holly & Shauna