This Friday Digs

This weekend I am with my sister in the mountains, here and here. We went white water rafting yesterday and horseback riding today. It’s hard to imagine that I can dig anything else this week… but here it is! 

Free Cookies. Yes, actual cookies that are free. But also, the new podcast from my teacher Kathryn Budig and Kate Fagan. It’s inspiring, thought provoking, and in typical KB fashion, funny.

This sustainable clothing brand that I just found. I haven’t bought anything yet but can’t wait to support this small business. This, this, and this are first on my list.

Bamboo by the bed. I put a bamboo plant next to my bed this week and the calming green has been a sweet sight to see right when I open my eyes in the morning.

Diffuser by the bed. I added an oil diffuser to my bedside for the evenings and have bee alternating oils to go to sleep to. It’s just the best.

I’ve already told you how much I dig Trader Joe’s, and I dig it even more now that I’ve found this laundry detergent—it’s a real game changer. Its ingredients list is ideal and you can’t beat the price.

While my mom was visiting town last week we stopped into lululemon and she bought me these. They are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn, perfect for lounging around the house or long days of car travel.

This is next on my baking list.

Have a happy and healthy weekend!