Monday Mantra: The Full Picture of Happiness

If you follow us on the gram (insta that is), you’ll know that I wrote briefly about happiness over the weekend. Just like my quest for love a few weeks back, happiness can be quite generalized in today’s world as it is up for interpretation. Your happiness is not like my own and so a definition is null. The quest for happiness though, is one we all participate in daily. 

What actually is happiness? Well for one thing, it’s that buzzword we all seem to grab a hold of when another person asks us what we want. It’s a search-worthy feeling that has inspired thousands of self help books and programs.

To me, happiness comes from two things. One, it comes from those moments that you can’t deny; your weekly bath, an evening with your closest loved ones, a relaxing afternoon on the couch with a good book or a movie. This form of happiness is easy to spot and worthy of its popularity, we all should be able to identify several things in this world that make us happy. Those are the items that make life easy, enjoyable and worth waking up for. This happiness is important.

The second form of happiness is where things can get tricky. This is the happiness that is vague, it has been used as a blanket term to encompass that “perfect” picture of life you have drawn out for yourself. Just as you cannot draw yourself the perfect man, you also cannot predetermine what is the perfect life. If you continue to search for perfect before you can define your life as happy, you will be searching for that happiness indefinitely.

Instead, let that second form of happiness marinate in your life. Invite happiness not to be defined as successes or checkmarks on a list, but let it be a feeling of ease and of peace. Let it not be something to search for but let it be something you can find in each day. As I said on the gram, “maybe it’s not that happiness means that everything is as it should be, maybe it’s just that it is.

I just am and that is enough.

It just is and I am okay.

In my body is breath.

I invite peace.