Creative Living And The Art of Not Settling

Creative Living 

It’s when you move beyond what society has taught you life “should” look like and instead build a life that you’ve chosen wholeheartedly. For the record, even the seemingly “normal” choices can still be part of living creatively if they are chosen based on love and not guilt or a need for control.

Living creatively means to strengthen your intuition and learn how to recognize your inner guidance system.

One obstacle I’ve noticed that comes in the middle of living creatively is the act of settling.


  • You have been given the opportunity for a new job. The company is excited to have you but the pay/atmosphere/job title does not mirror your desire or worth. You take the job anyway because an opportunity is an opportunity.
  • You have accepted that you have reached your highest capacity to earn in the area you are in now so you continue to make less than you deserve.
  • You remain in a lackluster relationship with a partner who is “good” because well, a good partner is what everyone wants, right?
  • You take a job that was easy for you to get but doesn’t challenge or fulfill you. You are making money and the company likes you so you stay.
  • An area you live in is working just fine for you but you wish you lived somewhere else. You decide to stay because there is nothing totally wrong with where you live now and you are safe.

What I’m getting at in the examples above is that many of us settle not because we feel forced into societal norms but because we’ve forgotten the magic of life all together. The magic in living a life that feels extraordinary is that you refuse to settle for the “fine” and “okay” because you know in your heart of hearts that you are worth more. Listening to that inner voice that knows there is something better takes trust in your intuition and a strong value of self.

Trust in your Intuition

The main reason why we settle is because we aren’t sure that we’ll be caught if we take a big leap. Deep down our inner voice says, “I know there is something better,” or “I know I am meant for more,” but following that voice means you must confront the unknown and presumed unsafe. Where the magic lies is when you follow that voice seemingly blind and you go forth despite being sure of what is on the other side. You trust that your intuition is right and you make your move based on the feel, not the solid facts. That blind leap is what creates transformation and the space for the unknown to transpire into what you have been manifesting.

Value of Self

I have spent many years feeling like I wasn’t smart enough, funny enough, pretty enough and so on. Literally every single time I have settled it was because I didn’t feel like I had enough gusto or strength to continue to fight for what it was I really wanted. Instead of continuing to go toward what it was I really wanted I would settle into what was working just fine.

Even the most confident people sometimes have a hard time accepting greatness into their lives. Somewhere along the line of growing up we have decided that “the big dreams” are too big and unrealistic. That we aren’t cutout for what it is we really want.

This is where the real work lies and your meditation and journaling practices will both be great tools for strengthening your relationship with yourself and accepting that you are worth what you really want.

On another important note, sometimes as we are exploring our dreams we end up finding something better along the way. That is not settling, that is working with the universe.

When you find something that works but isn’t what you want you are cutting off the lesson midway through. Powerful manifestation and living creatively come from self love and confidence. It’s not resting on others. It is not being okay with what is comfortable but instead being okay with the uncomfortable because you know it will be worth it in the end.

Happy Manifesting!