Spirtuality: Why Signs Matter

The other day I was having a particularly stressful morning. As I was driving to work, I looked to my left and saw a license plate with the numbers “333,” which as you might recall from a previous post is my angel number. Seeing “333,” a number that has deep meaning to me, during a moment of stress was instantly reassuring and calming.

In the mindful community special numbers, symbols, and even superstitions are common. But why do those signs give us comfort? Do they really mean anything at all ?

If you asked the universe to show you a red rose to signal that you are going to get the job promotion you want, I can’t tell you that seeing that red rose really means the universe actually is talking to you. What I can say is from my experience, when I ask for a sign and I don’t get one, I usually don’t get that thing I want. And even more so, that big thing that I was hoping for in the long run ends up being something that wouldn’t have served me well anyway.


Working with signs from the universe—be it magic or not—can actually help us develop and strengthen certain qualities that are critical for achieving our goals.


Signs give us connection to the unknown

If you ask for a sign and you get it, suddenly the unknown has a glimpse of familiarity and comfort. Whether it’s a sign or not, a connection to the unknown can give you courage to move forward. This can helpful in getting us to move forward without answers though, signs shouldn’t be used exclusively.

Signs help strengthens intuition

Usually when you hope for a sign, what you’re really feeling is a call to go toward something that is exciting but is triggering fear. If you’re looking for a sign to tell you to do something, chances are, some part of you wants to do that thing. Signs help us move forward without fear because they give us a sense of security. Notice next time you look for a sign. Take note of how what you are asking for and how it makes you feel in your body. This will help you notice what it feels like to hear your inner voice guiding you.  

Ultimately, we can’t live our lives around signs. But, they can be a helpful tool to encourage growth.

Do you ask for signs? What do you ask for?