Revive Your Intentions for February

New moon, new day, new year… new month. As we welcome February today, I’m reminded of the goal list I made just 1 month ago with all of my intentions for 2017. My favorite thing about New Year’s resolutions is that they bring a revived sense of structure to all of the wants and needs that swirl around my headspace daily. This year, I’ve decided to take my celebrated ritual of creating new year’s intentions and make it a monthly tradition. 

Small Goals to Shape the Big Goals

Our new year’s intentions are typically quite large. When you call any big change into your life, there are a lot of mindful shifts that need to happen for you to accept, appreciate and embrace that change. What I like about reworking my intentions monthly is that it helps me make small shifts in every day habits and acts as my baby step road map toward the big picture goal I am working toward.

Aids in Self Realization

A pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, is one of my favorite ways to connect with myself. Sometimes as I start to write, intentions and manifestations bubble up that I didn’t even know were there. When you give yourself a little time to write out your thoughts you are strengthening your connection to your inner voice, your guidance system, your guru. This gift of self connection is crucial in leading a balanced, healthy life.

You’ll do Better than You Think

Along with my whole year intentions, I started my month-only goals in January with a friend as my accountability partner. Yesterday, before we reflected on the goals we wanted to accomplish last month we both prefaced with, “I didn’t do very good”. Wrong. We started to go down the list and were surprised at how much we both had shifted our habits to better align with our big goals for the year. Having the written proof to help us measure our success was a helpful tool that left us feeling empowered and confident in ourselves and what we can accomplish.

The trick for your monthly intentions is to take things slow and small. Write a mantra or sentence to live by that you’d like to focus on. Break your day up into a few categories: work, me, yoga, family and create a few tiny action items for each category. The magic in this practice is that you are giving life to all of the thoughts and improvements that you “wish” you had time for in daily life. We all have those wants and needs floating around in our heads, taking them to paper ignites the fire within to work toward them. Even if you don’t give your list another thought for the entire month, you will be surprised at how your written thoughts help align your tiny daily actions.

Happy intention setting! See you in March… (and tomorrow).