(Pretend) Monday Mantra: Don’t Go with the Story

You may think your imagination has come and gone with childhood, yet I can just about guarantee that your imagination still gets in your way from time to time. When looking toward a new experience it is common for us to tell ourselves the story of how it will turn it out before we’ve given reality a chance. We base these stories on past experiences or feelings of inadequacy. The thing to remember is, they are just that, stories.

When you begin to believe these stories you are cutting off your mental capacity to bring in new experiences and space for change. This week let’s make the intention to not follow the drama of the story, to not sell ourselves short before we begin, to approach new experiences with trust in ourselves and the magic of change.

Ditch the drama.

Fly your vibe.

Go forth with excitement, engagement & gumption. 


Have a great week!