A Simple Meditation to Stay Present

Tap into the present moment with this simple three step meditation. The goal of this meditation is to notice without judgement and release contemplation. This meditation guides you to listen, feel and observe.

Find yourself a quiet, comfortable space. Take a few calming deep breaths and let yourself sink into the moment. Close your eyes and begin.

Be Present in the Body

First, notice where your clothes meet your skin and where the air meets your face. Observe how your breath moves in and out of your nose and up and down your body. Notice how your feet, hips, knees and back meet the floor or the chair where you are sitting. It’s not often that you give yourself the time or space to observe the small nuance of your body meeting the floor. This helps you connect to the present moment.

Observe the Silence

Even if you are in total silence there will most likely be faint noises in the background. Maybe it’s the whistle of your heater or refrigerator that you hear in the background everyday but are too busy to label it a noise so you forget it’s even there. There are so many things that make up the present moment yet most of the time we are too focused on the big flashy stuff that we forget the small details that surround us.

Go Outside Your Space

This is when it is most important to simply notice and not contemplate. Give yourself a moment to recognize the peace within, the family and friends you have in your heart, all of the blessings you have in this very moment. This step is not meant to trigger thoughts of have or lack, just to acknowledge the fact of right now.

When you are truly in the present, there is a miracle in every second, may you be quiet enough to notice.

Happy present!