A New Ritual: I Feel Strongly About That

It’s no secret that I am fan of celebrating the cycles of the moon. Specifically during the full moon, I find it comforting to engage in some type of self-connection routine. This full moon that self-connection celebration came in the form of “I feel strongly” statements. 

The Ritual

Grab your journal. Or, the notes app on your iPhone. Or, a new email. Or, a napkin. Point is–this doesn’t have to be very formal. In fact, it’s better if it’s not formal at all. Typically the more formal you make a scenario the more pressure you put on yourself to make it perfect. This exercise, as most self-connection exercises go, is all about letting go of external expectations, and being honest with yourself.

Once you’ve got your writing tool of choice, simply start writing “I feel strongly” statements.

I feel strongly that I will buy that house.

I feel strongly that I should go to a coffee shop tomorrow.

Don’t censor yourself. Just write. You’ll be surprised at what comes out. It’s not that you have to make huge declarations. Instead, you’re simply giving space to whatever needs to come out. In your head it may be in the form of a whisper, in an “I feel strongly statement,” you might pay a little more attention.

Reminding yourself of all that you feel strongly about will help you better align your actions in the weeks and months to follow.

Happy self-connecting.