My Favorite Tools for Self Connection

As fall approaches, we start to feel calls to turn inward, honor the cycles that have passed, and reconnecting to our deeper selves.
A self connected person is able to identify their emotions, listen to their intuition and follow their heart. When you are more connected to your deeper sense of self, it is easier to drop the societal pressure of “norms” and act from a place of love and knowing. Here are my favorite tools for strengthening self connection.

Soul Sleeps 
This is a term I use when I unplug and just let myself be. No TV, music, or internet scrolling. Whether I take 10 minutes of the afternoon to lay in my made bed fully awake or wander around the house fluffing the pillows and dusting the shelves, these mundane moments of silence are a much needed break from the constant input thrown our way daily. What I like about my soul sleeps time is that it gives me space. It is different than my meditation practice because I have no other agenda other than to just be in my day.
It doesn’t have to be structured, sometimes the more spontaneous the movement, the better. Obviously, movement is a big part of our guru philosophy, and for a good reason. Yoga, running or dancing around your kitchen; movement helps displace stagnant energy and adds more flow to your thoughts.
This goes along with movement and again doesn’t have to be structured. The word “create” can be daunting because we feel like if we are going to make something, it has to be good, but relating to self connection you can create anything. Creating can be as simple as creating space on your bathroom shelf by clearing the clutter and tossing what no longer serves its’ purpose. You can color, organize, play with your hair, just take some intentional time to let your creativity take over.
This may seem silly but I always feel more connected to myself when I do this. I sit down with my journal and just begin to list: what makes me happy, what I love, what things I want, what makes me, “me,” in that moment. This strengthens your bond like no other. If you feel silly listing, well might I say in the nicest way possible, get over it. It’s a sweet exercise in self knowing. Although reminiscent of what a teenager might do, this is an innocent way to connect your internal world with your external world. Putting to paper the little things in your life that make you, “you,” helps you identify with your inner self in a more external way.
Bare feet, bare ass, just be bare. I’ve found that when I intentionally lose a layer of clothing I can instantly notice a shift in perspective. Connecting your bare feet to the earth or embracing your bare belly around the house metaphorically takes away the superficial layers of the world and helps you tune into a higher vibration.
Self care creates a connection to self that is as special as the care you give to a child or pet. When you nurture yourself you are creating trust between body and mind.
So Hum
Sanskrit for, “I am that”. Repeating this mantra in your head during your day or in meditation is a beautiful way to honor your connection to You with a capital, “Y.”
With self connection comes a greater ability to manifest. Read my favorite tools for manifesting here.

Happy self connecting!