My Favorite Techniques for Manifesting

Manifesting is one of my favorite topics and one that is quite hot in the world of self exploration and spirituality. Manifesting or using the “Law of Attraction” to call what you want into your life can be tricky but quite powerful. Here are my favorite steps toward a happy and healthy manifesting practice.

Write it down. Obviously first you must get clear about what you want to call into your life but once you are clear, write it down. It is your first step in taking action toward what you want. When you write your intention down you are taking ownership of your want which helps give you power and conviction when going toward it.

Bonus: If you aren’t clear about what you want, make it your want to get clear. Start by manifesting teachers and lessons to help you get clear.

Partner up. Not with a friend but with a force greater than yourself, greater than what it is that you can possibly know. There is no way for us to know it all when it comes to life and so the same goes for the process of manifesting. Although we can be proactive and we can call in what we need it is important that we surrender to what it is that we don’t know, to the magic of miracles. For me I choose to partner with my Angels, the Universe & God. For you, maybe you partner with your highest Self. When you can surrender to the unknown manifestation becomes more than just a means to a result but an exercise in your spiritual strength which ultimately aids in your personal growth.

Act with conviction. The key to manifesting is action. Obviously, when manifesting we aren’t just sitting around wishing for things to happen. My favorite part of action toward your manifestation is the lack of fear that can come along with your action. When you have clearly stated what you are trying to call into your life and have faith and trust in miracles you can drop the fear, you are taken care of. You’ve got it, but when you don’t your faith in the possibilities of the unknown has your back. That is magic right there.

Hold on loosely. This is my number one rule in manifestation. We can set our goals and go toward our dreams but as we move forward sometimes we find a greater strength within and goals or opportunities that serve us better than what we could have imagined before. When holding your intention say, “this or something better.” This is another exercise in embracing the unknown. We can have every intention of moving toward a specific manifestation but as we move forward, maybe there is a better option that we couldn’t see before. It’s all about giving yourself space to learn and grow. This song below says it all to me, it is the Holy Grail on manifestation: “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go, if you cling too tightly, you’re gonna lose control.”.

Yeah baby.

Bonus: Have fun, act in service and when in doubt, rock out to 80’s jams.

Happy manifeseting!