My Best Morning Start

As I’ve mentioned before, my body is very sensitive and for many years I struggled to find a diet that worked for me. Breakfast was always the hardest meal to figure out; if I waited too long before I ate I’d get sick, but a lot of what I ate would leave me hungry again in an hour or so full I’d want to go back to bed. After years of trial and error, I’ve finally found the perfect recipe for my best start to the day. I’m sharing today in case you are looking for some morning inspiration.

While reading Woman Code by Alisa Vitti, (I blogged about it here,) I was surprised and pleased to find that everything I do to make myself feel good in the morning was part of a plan she laid out as the optimal way to feed your body/hormones in the morning. It felt so good to find that after many years of searching, not only did I intuitively find the best ways to nourish myself, but those solutions I found were also scientifically backed without me even realizing it. This is not a post to gloat but instead a reminder that listening to our bodies and our natural instincts can sometimes be our best medicine. I’ve put my top 5 morning “musts” below, (again check out Woman Code for even more detail).

Holly’s 5 Morning Musts

1.) Water First. Every single morning without fail I have to start with a glass of room temperature water. It is my first step in rehydrating my body after a night’s sleep. I’ve done the warm water with lemon thing, too, but it proved to be too harsh for my body to have every single day. Plain water to start is my jam.

2.) I eat breakfast within a 1/2 hour of waking up, any longer and I get sick to my stomach and very cranky.

3.) My breakfast always includes carbs, fat & protein. More often than not I have avocado on gluten free toast with spinach, a soft boiled egg and turmeric. The fat/carb/protein combo keeps me full and gives me the fuel I need to start my day without feeling too heavy.

4.) Coffee after. If I skip any of the steps above, this is one I will never pass up. I have to have food in my stomach before I enjoy my coffee.

5.) Read & settle. I know this is hard for some schedules but I try to let my breakfast settle as I sip my coffee and read the news. It’s a nice part of my morning routine that helps me enjoy some relaxation before I’m out the door.

A major part of living with a guru mindset is intuitively deciding what works and doesn’t work for you. That can be applied to life, exercise and most definitely diet. This is what has worked for me, what works for you?




ps. If you liked any of the above tips I suggest checking out Alisa Vitti’s book, she goes in depth on understanding and working in balance with your body and hormonal system.