Monday Mantra: Purpose with Intention

I hear and see it everywhere, “find your true purpose.” I think I spent the majority of my 20’s searching for and failing to find “my life’s purpose”. It does sound wonderful to tap into a higher knowing, select a magical purpose that serves you and the world, and then live that out for the rest of your life in total bliss. In reality though, we’re more likely to get thrown off our path when we set out to “find our life’s purpose.”

Our life’s purpose is not one thing. When we look for that one specific thing we get lost in frustration, self doubt and the confusion of way too many options. This week I encourage you to make it your “life’s purpose” to simplify by taking the pressure out of finding your true calling. Instead, intend to meet every day with your highest intention to be compassionate, creative in your thinking and serve from a place of calm because you are centered in knowing that your purpose doesn’t define you. Below is a mantra to hone that in.



Good morning, self.

Today, I will not hold you to my highest standards.

Today, I will simply allow you to be.

Be in service, be in compassion, be in exploration.


Have a calm and collected week!