Monday Mantra: You’ve Got What I Want

Last week my husband and I booked our dream vacation, one that had been on our bucket list for years, (more to come on that in the months ahead). It’s been a huge feat for us, saving and planning and working out the time to actually go. The day we booked the tickets, we celebrated long into the night. At one point he mentioned, “I wonder if anyone across the world is celebrating tonight because they booked a trip to Idaho.” That struck me, he was probably right. Intentional or not, his statement was a slap back to reality for me.

Although vacations and goals met is totally something to be celebrated, Aaron’s words made me appreciate again just how special my present is. Although I can dream and plan to experience new places, I can only truly appreciate those experiences when my gratitude for what I already have is heartfelt. We can apply that statement to so much more than vacation and travel.

I’ve written about it time and time again, comparison of what we have vs. what we want vs. what others have is an obstacle that is part of our lives, even if only on occasion, in this digital age. The recognition of gratitude for the present is our way around that obstacle.

This week think about what your “mundane” is. Maybe it’s your busy work week that affords you time on the weekends to spend with your family or the area you live in that you forget to marvel at now that you’ve become accustomed to it. What is mundane or normal or natural to you is something that someone, somewhere dreams about, plans for, saves for, prays for. That recognition is where the magic comes from.


What I have is just as good as what I want. 

I use the magic in my present

to continue to manifest magic into my future.


Have a great week!