Monday Mantra: I Will Listen

Regularly on this platform I encourage you—and myself—to get quiet and listen. Most of the time the focus is on self connection and so I write to listen to yourself, to your fear, and to your gut.

Last week I was reminded just how much you can learn when you listen to what’s happening around you. I was traveling for work and thus around people and situations that were unfamiliar. I was tired, a little stressed, and had a lot on my mind. But day after day I found myself catching bits of information from conversations going on around me.

All were things I hadn’t thought about in a while (or ever), and all were things I needed to hear in that moment. Like a drop of gold from the universe, I was reminded that there are messages around us constantly. We just have to listen.

For this week’s mantra I thought I’d share a few of the nuggets I grabbed from the universe last week.

You Are What You Create

This is a message of manifestation but not from the old school thought of,  “if you want it just believe you have it.” This is a reminder that your core beliefs make up your reality. Meaning, if you feel unworthy and insecure, you will feel that way no matter what success you achieve or possessions you gain. “You are what you create” is a reminder that the objects or accomplishments that surround you have nothing to do with your inner fulfillment.

It’s not what’s at the table, it’s what you bring to it.

Be Brave Without Language

I stumbled on a man telling this story late one night and decided to stay and listen. He spoke of when he was traveling in the Himalayas and he came across a woodworker. He attempted to talk to the woodworker but didn’t speak his language. Instead he just began working along side him. As the day went on the man, who he later learned was mute, motioned that he join he and his family for dinner. The person telling the story explained that he stayed with that man and his family for three nights and helped him finish the project he was working on.

To me, I could never imagine approaching someone who I couldn’t verbally communicate with. It was a reminder that language does not have to be a barrier.

The Creative Box

The same guy from above kept talking. He explained that he thinks it’s important that creativity has boundaries, because the boundaries are what force you to be creative.

The creative box is a reminder that no matter what restrictions we feel we have, we all can create, even within those limits.


I listen to the universe.

I listen to strangers.

I pay attention.

My attention is a gift. 

I can’t wait to hear what you listen to this week. Drop any nuggets below in the comments.

Have a happy and healthy week!