Monday Mantra: What My Notes Tell Me

This week’s #MM is brought to you by my notes app on my iPhone—kind of.

On a typical day I pull out my notes app at least 3 – 4 times, whether I am walking on the street, in the middle of work, or making dinner, when a moment of reflection pops into my head I write it down for a later read. Though, I don’t go back and read them a lot, this is a critical piece of my self-study routine, it helps me stay mindful throughout my everyday activities and helps me notice ideas or patterns that I might not recognize if I weren’t writing them down.

The latest pattern?

Today when I pulled out my notes — not to write, but to read and reflect — I found 5 notes from the last week that focused on my need to control… and my mindful self telling me to stop.

So with that reflection brings a mantra that is twofold:

1. Control

Yes, we know, we need to release control and let it flow. We know. I write about it a lot. (Apparently this isn’t as a hidden a pattern as I like to think.) Let go, let it flow—easier said than done. One thing that has helped me recently in trying to release my grip is this: when you are trying to control something it’s usually because you really really want it to happen—or you really really don’t want it to happen.

What’s really going on there is the idea that you need something at all. And even more, the idea that you don’t have the chops or the support to handle what may or may not come your way. That’s where the opportunity to grow lies. Work on healing your feelings of lack and need by grounding, strengthening your spiritual connection (whatever that may be to you), and building up your trust in the unknown. (More tips to come on that this week over on instagram.)

If you feel like you still want to control give yourself a job. Let the need to control work for you. In this scenario your job is to listen. Write in your journal, say your prayers, and then reflect on the words that come out in those moments. You’ll learn a lot when you actively listen to yourself as you would a best friend.

2. Your Notes

Pull them out. Get close with them. Use that tool that you literally have in your back pocket: your notes app on your phone. As simple as it is, jotting down thoughts throughout the day will help you solidify and hold on to your mindful passing ideas. It’s also a great tool for strengthening your trust in your intuition and your confidence with Self. When you take the time to write down a passing thought, your validating that moment for yourself, your reminding yourself that your voice matters, and your learning from your greatest teacher.

I trust in my own voice.

She knows a lot and I really dig that.

Have a happy & healthy week,