Monday Mantra: Use What You’ve Got

Last week’s mantra was all about calling in what you needed for a happier, calmer week. This week I want to focus on having a great week without the feeling of “needing” something more. It is so easy for us to over consume; with food, with the oh-so-fun material items, and even with emotions.

This week focus on what you have: the energy, the food that has been sitting in the pantry, the spring sandals that aren’t the most trendy but are still completely wearable. When you creatively use what you already have, you make room for a clearer perspective. When you are calling out for “more, more, more,” you are projecting a sense of lack. Instead, focus on what you’ve got in your tool belt already and give yourself an abundant outlook and space for more when you truly need it.


I have what I need,

What I have gives me simplicity.


Have a good week!