Monday Mantra: Uncover Your Truth

Earlier this month I shared with you the lessons I’m committing to this year. One of them was to speak my truth.

It’s something that gets said a lot in motivational speeches, conversations on mindfulness, and in inspirational quotes on Instagram and though true—it can be vague. This week’s mantra breaks down how to uncover—and then honor—your truth.

What does it mean to speak my truth exactly?

For me, I always thought that it meant I should say what’s on my mind. As an empath who focuses too much on how her actions or words impact others, it was a good message for me. But it’s only a small piece of the puzzle.

To really speak your truth you have to know what it is.

Not so easy. Because truthfully—we’re all full of shit. (I’m 1/2 joking here.) At some point in time we’re all suppressing what our souls want in order to: fit in, reduce fear (doesn’t work), save feelings, check boxes, the list goes on. Even as young children we’re taught in many ways to fall in line more than we are to connect with or listen to our inner voice.

The first step in speaking your truth is to uncover it.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m trying to reconnect with my truth is to sit down and say a prayer: “Dear [god, angels, universe, self,] please help me remove judgement, expectation, guilt, and fear. Please help me reach my highest self and uncover what it is I need in this situation.” Then, I free-write for 15 minutes straight. Without stopping, I just put my fingers to the keyboard and let everything comes out.

When reconnecting with your truth it’s important that you examine and release the untruths that you’re telling yourself based out of fear—we all do this. We feed fear and the ego by telling ourselves stories that keep our mindset small.

Here are some prompts that might help you if free-writing feels intimidating:

  • What am I scared of?
  • What untruths do I tell myself regularly?
  • What do I see as my limits?

To speak your truth you first have to break down the barriers you have to that truth and to do that you have to release the ego—release your small self (the self controlled by fear and expectations from others,) and invite your highest Self out to play.

Then, once your truth is identified, you have to continue to release blocks and barriers so that you have the worth, courage, and tenacity to honor that truth.

This week, start with step one. Invite more clarity into your week by taking the time to begin to identify the blocks that keep you from living your truth. Start there—you’re worth it.

I release belief systems that keep me in a small mindset. I commit to uncovering my truth by honoring the needs of my highest Self. 

Have a happy & healthy week.