Monday Mantra: My Truest Version of Self

Do you want a fulfilling life? Stop trying to achieve your goals. I actually do mean that. Just maybe not in the way that it sounds.

I saw a headline over the weekend with an eye-catching title, “You will succeed if this is your number one goal.” It caught my attention immediately, but mostly because I was skeptical. Who is to say what succeeding is? What should my ultimate goal be, and who is someone else to tell me?

I clicked because, well as skeptical as I was it was a good title, and who am I to turn a way the key to success? More importantly though, the headline was hovering right underneath a picture of my favorite, Oprah.

Surely I thought, Oprah had to be right. And you know what? She was. Out of all of the answers to the posed question in the headline, Oprah’s answer was probably the only one I could’ve agreed with.

“If you want to be truly successful in life, your #1 goal must be to find your most authentic self.” Yasss. She’s done it again.

But how do you apply that to real life? My most authentic self? Like the long-haired, goddess version of myself walking on the beach that I see during a good daydream? Truly that must be my most authentic self.

They say, “I am love,” “I am light,” —that’s what authentic is, right?

Though I agree wholeheartedly with Oprah’s answer to the catchy headline, one thing I see over and over again is women, girls, and men trying to find their most authentic self in the most inauthentic ways.

We reach towards our goals. We think that slowly climbing our way to the top will lead us toward our “higher self.” And it’s good logic, “if I can figure out a way to make my dreams come true than I must be in pretty good shape, right?”

Your truest version of yourself is not the one who has achieved her goals and dreams.

She’s not the one that finally made it into that perfect relationship, that fulfilling career, or the ideal home. Make no mistake, those things can come from listening to your inner guidance and working toward your truest self—but your truest self has nothing to do with getting something at all.

Yes, you have to go toward those goals. But what’s most important is that you stand in your true power. You breakdown the barriers you have, grow your self-worth, and continue to work toward trusting in the universe…or God… or angels…or so on.

Your truest version of self is the one who has stepped into her power. Who doesn’t have a problem saying “no” to a shiny opportunity that might seem good, but is not filly aligned with her values.

The truest self (read: not “highest” self), has learned to trust the unknown and not settle for the “safe” options. She knows that there is always another level of self-love to find, and that finding that self-love is not easy, but it’s worth it.

It’s hard to get to the point where you are living in your power, but the easiest way to get there? One step at a time. Do your inner work, focus on raising your self-worth, and be brave enough to say “no” when an opportunity comes along that isn’t fully aligned with that worth.

We are here, not to achieve goals, but to break down the small parts of self—the insecure, the scared, the ego. As we continue to align deeper and deeper with ourselves in our truest form, as we were born, we raise to a level of love and understanding that is most helpful to the world around us.

This week, ask for the opportunity to grow. Search for moments in your week when you are able to stand in your power. You truest version of your self is always there, looking for you to trust it enough to follow it.


My truest version of self

is found in my authentic power. 

I don’t settle. 

I continue to search, seek, and learn.

I look for every moment in my day to raise my worth,

stand in my power,

and align with my truest version of me. 

Have a happy & healthy week.